Guinea Pigs

Guinea Pigs make gentle and lovable pets; however, like any pet, they will be totally
dependent on you for everything they need to be happy and healthy. We ask you to talk
about this as a family and discuss the shared responsibility for their care over their lifetime
of 5-8 years. Over time, children may lose interest in these animals or leave home; if this
happens are you, as parents, willing to continue to care for them? If not, you should
reconsider your decision to adopt guinea pigs.

Guinea Pigs have unique requirements such as the need for Vitamin C supplementation. To find out more, our Guinea Pig Care Packet is easily downloadable SARI Guinea Pig Care Packet

To see our adoptable guinea pigs, check them out on Petfinder.

When you are ready to adopt, please complete this form.

The adoption fees for guinea pigs are $35 for unaltered guinea pigs, $45 for neutered males, and $55 for a spayed female.

Amelia and Juliette

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