Becoming a new volunteer with Small Angels is easy! Simply review our current openings on VolunteerMatch.org or Idealist.org or email us at volunteer@smallangelsrescue.org for more information. Volunteering is not only rewarding, but it can help you to gain job skills, honor volunteer hour requirements and it always looks great on a resume!

To get a better idea of what each job entails, we have added brief job descriptions here to help you decide. Even if a position is currently filled, we can train you to eventually take that position over in the future!

Board Members:

President: Leads board meetings, appoints committee chairs, oversees the board and committee chairs in carrying out their duties, manages conflicts and problems, and serves as a spokesperson and ambassador in the community.

Vice President: Assists the President as needed, presides at meetings when the President is unavailable as chief board officer.

Secretary: Responsible for Board meeting agendas and minutes which constitutes developing agendas and taking, maintaining, editing and distributing board meeting minutes. Also responsible for scheduling future board meetings and reserving the meeting location. The secretary manages official correspondence as needed such as thank you notes for donations over $150, and other professional correspondence as needed.  Finally, the secretary maintains various forms and lists for the rescue such as the Board of Directors Seats and Renewal form and SARI volunteer contact lists. Requires proficiency in Microsoft Word.

Treasurer: Oversees financial matters, compiles quarterly and annual financial reports, works with accountant as needed, and ensures official government paperwork is filed. Works with the bookkeeper. Requires proficiency in Microsoft Excel and Quick Books.

Board Member-At Large: There are five At-Large positions. At-Large Board Members provide general assistance and input. These positions are great for the newest board members who wish to learn more about the organization before committing to a more formal board position.

Attendance to monthly board meetings is mandatory for all Board Members. In addition to their duties, the Board Members also participate in various chairs and task forces such as Board Governance, Strategic Planning, Finance, Communications, Operations, Donations, Membership and Fund-raising.

Non-Board Positions:

Animal Coordinators: The Animal Adoption Coordinator is considered a species expert and oversees animal care and treatment while the animal is in the rescue. The coordinator ensures that policies and procedures are followed by all members of the team. Liaising with the Operations Chair is essential, to provide feedback and to distribute information to the team. Additional duties include: monitor of veterinary expenses; distribute of foster care supplies; handle cash and checks and make bank deposits; follow-up inquiries with adoptive families; maintain contact with local shelters and other local rescues; and provide advice and guidance to the public. The coordinator also manages the team leaders(s), and foster(s).

Attendance at quarterly Operations Meetings is mandatory. If the Coordinator is unable to attend, he or she is responsible for designating a Team Leader or other Team Member/Foster as a representative. The Coordinator also is responsible for ensuring that an article and numbers are submitted by their animal team for each bi-monthly newsletter. Presentations at information sessions may also be requested an as-needed basis. Coordinators are encouraged to liaise with local rescues and keep them up to date with trends in animal care.

Fostering animals on an occasional basis and as needed is required. The time commitment for an Animal Adoption Coordinator will vary depending on the animal needs currently in the rescue and size of the Animal Team.

Animal Team Leaders: The Animal Team Leader assists the Animal Coordinator by supervising Fosters and overseeing the care of animals under their direction. The Animal Team Leader has a hands-on approach with the animals and is in direct contact with the shelters, adopters and fosters, and works through the adoption process with potential adopters and foster homes. The Team Leader is present at all adoptions including bondings; they can oversee or appoint an approved designee to perform the duties. Additional duties include follow-up inquiries with adoptive families, maintaining contact with local shelters to monitor the greatest need and depositing checks when needed. May be required to do vet runs and attend meetings with the Animal Coordinator.

The Animal Team Leader reports income, expenses, statistics and news articles to the Animal Coordinator, who then compiles the corresponding reports. The Team Leader is responsible for keeping Petfinder posts up to date. The Team Leader may also be involved in training new Team Members and may be called upon to attend information sessions to help educate the public on small animal care. Fostering of animals is required on an as-needed basis.

Fosters: Provides in-home care and socialization of the animals in the rescue and provides feedback to the adoption coordinators on the character and preferences of the foster animals. Foster families are expected to use supplies in accordance with the guidelines established by the rescue, including brands of food and bedding and, when appropriate, the provision of fruits, vegetables, and hay. Reports to adoption coordinator any changes of behavior or health concerns ASAP. Gains permission from the appropriate adoption coordinator for vet treatment in advance. Arranges for foster animals to be present at adoption events when requested. Provides support to other foster homes when needed (during vacations for example). If possible, keep foster animals separate from family pets; if unavoidable, supervises any interactions with other family pets to ensure safety. Guinea Pig specific requirements: Responds to monthly requests for weights of fosters. Assists with visits by approved adoptees to assist with selection of suitable animals. Trims fosters nails monthly.

Bookkeeper: Compiles quarterly financial reports, completes tax forms, and assists with preparation of annual budget. Works with the Treasurer as a second reviewer of financial information.

Surrender Liaison: Answers e-mails from people looking to give their animals directly to SARI, offers assistance in the form of a Petfinder post and our surrender guide, may pull sections from surrender guide that apply to a specific situation.

Communications Liaison/Email Coordinator: Checks  e-mails daily and forwards to appropriate person (surrender liaison, or animal coordinator), answers adoption inquiries by responding with a generic e-mail offering care information and adoption application and directing person to the animal coordinator, completed applications are forwarded to animal coordinator. Read and either respond or forward all email inquiries into the info@smallangelsrescue.org email account.

Newsletter Editor: Compiles responses from animal coordinators and other volunteers for the quarterly electronic newsletter.  Use of Constant Contact for distribution of newsletter.

Advertising: This person is responsible for designing and submitting ads in local papers and publications, as well as other marketing efforts.

Webmaster: The webmaster publishes updated SARI web pages after the web editor has made the necessary updates. Must be familiar with WordPress and web page domains.

Web editor: The web editor updates and edits content on the SARI website. Must know how to use WordPress and have some working knowledge of website administration.

Membership Coordinator(s): Maintains the membership database spreadsheet and email list. Coordinates renewals by sending out notices.

Volunteer Coordinator: The volunteer coordinator actively recruits new volunteers through social media, newsletters and online sources such as VolunteerMatch.org, Idealist.org and VolunteerFairfax.org and places new recruits in positions where they will best use their skills. Assists in retaining volunteers by ensuring there is appropriate support and training through monitoring, supporting and motivating all volunteers. Maintains spreadsheets and lists of all potential volunteers and job descriptions for follow up.

Donations Management: The donations manager replies to supply donation requests and reaches out to the various animal coordinators to see if they are in need of those items.

Grant Writer: Researches grant opportunities and applies for grants.

Outreach Volunteers: These are our public relations people you see at our event booths! Outreach volunteers staff information tables, attend general events on behalf of SARI, deliver flyers, etc.

Event Coordinator: Schedules and arranges adoption events, educational talks and other outreach events on behalf of the organization, and works with speakers and volunteers for events, making sure they have what they need.

Event Planner: Performs as the main point of contact for large events and fundraisers. Conducts site visits, secures location and supplies, coordinates with volunteers on all of the logistical elements of an event including planning, day of event and post event duties.

Adoption Stewardship Volunteer: Contacts and follows up with the adoptive families of newly adopted animals by phone or email to ask how they are doing and if they have any questions or concerns.

Animal Care Assistant: Works directly with animal coordinators in duties such as cleaning cages, feeding, care and socialization. May be called upon to transport an animal to the veterinarian. This position is good for student interns or those pursuing a career in veterinary science.

Social Media Volunteer: Helps to develop an online community using social media (Facebook, LinkedIN, Twitter, Pinterest, Petfinder, etc.) based on values statements and priority messaging statements that further the mission and advocacy goals of SARI.

Data Manager/Intranet Designer: Determine how data can/should be shared, streamlined, automated, etc. and establish systems and procedures to make the most efficient use of volunteer’s time while at the same time maintaining data integrity.

Animal Habitat Creator: Make cages according to SARI guidelines on an as needed basis, and transport cages and supplies to animal coordinators, foster families, etc. 

Cashiers: Attend adoption events and conduct financial transactions, make deposits, maintain paperwork at the events and transfer hard copy materials back to appropriate animal team members, etc. Must be reliable, be willing to submit to a background check, be willing to come to Frederick on a regular basis, and receive training as required. Will work closely with Animal Coordinators and Outreach Volunteers.

Reference Checker: Conduct reference checks on potential adopters and foster homes. Involves calling personal references, vet offices and doing online searches for accuracy.

Animal Profile Creator:  Create animal profiles for our adoptable animals on Petfinder and Adopt-A-Pet. Will work with Animal Coordinators, Team Leads and Foster Homes to create realistic profiles of each animal available for adoption. Creative write ups, photos and videos are needed for each animal.


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