Wouldn’t you like to invite a mouse in your house? Domestic mice make fantastic pets and come in all kinds of colors and levels of cuteness! Related to the wild house mouse, domesticated mice have been bred as pets for centuries. Not convinced mice make great pets? Come out to one of our adoption events and hold a mouse. We can almost guarantee you will be as hooked on mice as we are!

While SARI does not rescue wild mice, we did pull together some Wild Mouse FAQs.

Mice live on average 2 years, but they sure do pack a lot of life into that short time frame! Mice are very playful and inquisitive and have the following requirements for a long and healthy life:

  • Exercise Wheel: 5.5 inch Silent Spinner type wheel, 8 inch mesh wheel or a saucer wheel
  • Aquarium: We recommend that mice are housed in either a 30 inch long aquarium with mesh lid for safety and to allow them to dig and burrow.
  • Bedding & Nesting Material: We recommend Carefresh bedding or similar. Aspen can be used as a second choice. Shredded paper is both economical and good for those sensitive mice that are allergic to store brand bedding. Plain toilet tissue is great for packing nests and sleeping hide-aways.
  • Variety of food: In addition to the commercial mouse mixes out there, we highly recommend that you also provide additional dry items to help encourage their natural behavior of foraging. This is not only good for their health, but it also keeps them mentally alert and engaged in making decisions they were born to make. The mix can be found here: SARI Gerbil, Hamster, Mouse Food Mix 2016
  • Fresh water daily
  • Attention, handling and cuddling daily

Mice are very inquisitive little creatures and love to have the companionship of other mice. However, male mice typically cannot live together and will fight to the death if left alone. To find out more interesting facts about mouse care, please check out our mouse care sheet:

SARI Mouse Care Sheet 2016

To see our adoptable mice, check them out on Petfinder.

When you are ready to adopt, please fill out the form.

The adoption fee for mice is $10 each for the first three animals, then $5 each thereafter.



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