Small Angels Mission Statement

The mission of Small Angels Rescue Inc. is to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome gerbils, guinea pigs, hamsters, mice and rats. These animals are worthy of respectful and compassionate treatment. We advocate and facilitate responsible animal care and companionship.

Small Angels Vision Statements

  • We envision a world where all small animals have loving, responsible, permanent homes.
  • Our vision for Small Angels is to be a sustainable, reputable, strategic and ethical community for small animals.

Small Angels Values Statements

  • All animals are sentient beings, regardless of size, and deserving of a safe, permanent home. All lives are equal.
  • Our animals are best served in a home environment.
  • We believe adoption is a key component to solving small animal abandonment.
  • We believe small animals deserve exemplary quality of life, through proper habitat, nutrition, enrichment, companionship and veterinary care.
  • Small Angels Rescue, Inc. strives to collaborate with like-minded people and organizations.

Small Angels Menu Policy

Consistent with our mission statement, Small Angels Rescue, Inc. strives to inspire respect and compassion for all animals and additionally respects the philosophy of many of our donors and volunteers. It is our policy therefore to serve only vegetarian/vegan food at volunteer appreciation picnic events. We recommend the same but do not control food options when outside organizations are the primary host or sponsor of an event. While we respect that dietary choices are personal, we ask that when attending our events and representing SARI, you follow these guidelines and respect organizational policy.

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