View our adoptable animals: SARI Animal List

Small Angels Rescue’s adoption process is straightforward. Adopters must fill out an adoption application. There is an application for guinea pigs and a separate application for the other animals we assist; you can fill out the online applications here:






Once we have the completed application, we interview the adopter by phone or e-mail to clear up any questions and concerns about the application—including whether the adopter meets our cage requirements and has the proper supplies—and to ensure that the adopter has all of the information needed to properly care for the animal. At the time of adoption, adopters must sign an adoption contract: SARI Adoption Contract

Small Angels Rescue greatly appreciates your interest in adopting one of our animals, and we’re committed towards finding the right match for you. We may make some recommendations and steer you towards a specific animal. Although we’re flexible, we may refuse to place specific animals in certain homes, because we know that the pet would not work out (e.g., is not good with children). We want to find homes for our animals, but we don’t want them to have to go through the rescue process again.

Adoption fees: Mice, Gerbils, Hamsters & Rats: $10 each for the first three animals, then $5 each thereafter.

Guinea Pigs: $35 each unaltered, $45 neutered males, $55 spayed females.

Visit Us

Small Angels Rescue does not have a physical shelter—we care for animals through our network of foster care homes. You can view a summary of our rescue at:  SARI Petfinder Homepage

We occasionally have adoption events or “Meet-n-Greets” at local pet stores. Check out our calendar or the Petfinder Homepage for upcoming dates. We also attend public events when we are able, so check for those too!

We do not normally bring guinea pigs to adoption events. If you are interested in meeting/adopting guinea pigs, please email us at:

We typically have rats and mice and occasionally hamsters and gerbils at our adoption events. However, we do not have every animal at every event. Please contact us ahead of time if you are interested in adopting. We will get you in touch with the appropriate adoption coordinator—who will discuss the adoption process with you, answer your questions, have you complete an adoption application, help you choose the right match for your situation, and arrange to have the animal at the adoption event for you to meet.

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