About Us

Small Angels Rescue, Inc has rescued over 4,000 small animals since 2003. It was established to fill the increasing need of small animal overpopulation in the Frederick, Maryland area and to relieve some of the burden from the local animal shelters. The hope is to provide these animals the care that they deserve even though they are often overlooked when cats and dogs receive the greatest amount of publicity.

Our Mission, Vision and Values Statements can be found here: SARI’s Mission, Vision and Values Statements

Our FAQ Page contains our most popular questions. Please check this page out before contacting us.

Check out our News Page for the most recent Small Angels news!

We wanted to provide a “shout out” to our faithful partners, so please check them out here!

The FY 06 Annual report has been published and can be found here: Annual Reports

Our Financial Statements and An FY07-FY14 Progress Report are coming soon, so please check back!

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